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The Dogist Fund is our philanthropic venture committed to the greater good of the canine community. The fund empowers non-profit work worldwide in the areas of rescue, rehabilitation, research and assistance dogs. 100% of the funds donated will be put towards animal welfare.

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 Bella, our current foster, will be the first recipient of The Dogist Fund. Bella is a dog with special needs that was rescued in Harbin, China by Slaughterhouse Survivors and was transported to the states by True North Rescue Mission. Bella is one of the last few pups to be imported before the CDC’s travel ban went into effect today, prohibiting dogs from traveling to and from 113 countries, including China. As you can imagine, this has been devastating for rescue organizations such as Slaughterhouse Survivors who dedicate their lives to rescuing dogs from dire situations. Bella has limited use of her back legs and will be evaluated by a team of doctors upon her arrival in NYC. We will be following Bella’s journey over the next few months and hope to raise money for her transport and long term care. If you’re able to, please donate now towards Bella’s care and join us as we document her rescue journey!

Donations will contribute towards:

  • Bella’s travel from China
  • Bella’s basic veterinary care
  • Bella’s physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Bella’s wheelchair and other accessories she needs to thrive

To learn more or get involved, check out these links below:

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