The Dogist Fund




We are proud to announce the launch of The Dogist Fund, our new philanthropic giving initiative.

The Dogist is committed to the greater good of the entire dog community, and The Dogist Fund will serve this important mission in new ways. The Dogist Fund will empower non-profit work worldwide in the areas of dog rescue, rehabilitation, and working dogs – 100% of the funds raised will be put towards these programs.

When The Dogist first began in 2013, we introduced ‘Give a Dog a Bone’, a program that allowed our audience to sponsor individual adoptable dogs. Then in 2019, after launching The Dogist Shop, we introduced ‘Feeding Friends’, which donated 20,091 meals to rescue dogs in need. Additionally, through social media campaigns and rescue rides, we have helped find homes for more than 1,000 dogs and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for animal rescue causes worldwide.

The Dogist Fund will take our charitable giving to the next level with a more comprehensive and intentional approach to canine welfare. By harnessing the power of our partners, our large dog-loving community, as well as being supported by a portion of our own bottom line, we know the fund will have a meaningful impact for the wellbeing of dogs individually and at large. We hope you will join us in supporting The Dogist Fund initiative as we develop it to help dogs and their people live better lives together around the world!

100% of funds raised will empower non-profit work worldwide in the areas of:

                • Dog Rescue
                      • Dog Rehabilitation
                • Working dogs

When you become a Monthly Donor you will get...

  • Free shipping within the United States on all orders placed through The Dogist Shop
  • Exclusive products available only to monthly donors
  • Early access for all apparel and product drops

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