The Dogist Fund




We are proud to announce the launch of The Dogist Fund, our new philanthropic giving initiative.


The Dogist is committed to the greater good of the entire dog community, and The Dogist Fund will serve this important mission in new ways. The Dogist Fund will empower non-profit work worldwide in the areas of dog rescue, rehabilitation, and working dogs – 100% of the funds raised will be put towards these programs.

When The Dogist first began in 2013, we introduced ‘Give a Dog a Bone’, a program that allowed our audience to sponsor individual adoptable dogs. Then in 2019, after launching The Dogist Shop, we introduced ‘Feeding Friends’, which donated 20,091 meals to rescue dogs in need. Additionally, through social media campaigns and rescue rides, we have helped find homes for more than 1,000 dogs and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for animal rescue causes worldwide.

The Dogist Fund will take our charitable giving to the next level with a more comprehensive and intentional approach to canine welfare. By harnessing the power of our partners, our large dog-loving community, as well as being supported by a portion of our own bottom line, we know the fund will have a meaningful impact for the wellbeing of dogs individually and at large. We hope you will join us in supporting The Dogist Fund initiative as we develop it to help dogs and their people live better lives together around the world!

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100% of funds raised will empower non-profit work worldwide in the areas of:

- Dog Rescue

- Dog Rehabilitation

- Working dogs


It’s officially RESCUE MONTH! As you all know, rescue dogs are near and dear to #TeamDogist’s heart – we wouldn’t have Elsa, Simon, or Artie if it weren’t for the incredible organizations that helped save them. For the entire month of October, we’ll be celebrating rescue pups & rescue organizations all over the tri-state area! ALL of the funds raised for The Dogist Fund during October will be split between four incredible rescue organizations – Animal Care Center of New York City, Muddy Paws Rescue, SNARR Northeast Rescue, and St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center. Donate above to help these incredible organizations!

Northeast Search and Rescue

Northeast Search and Rescue was September's Recipient of The Dogist Fund. NESAR is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose volunteers offer their specialized search-and-rescue skills to bring home the lost, missing, and injured individuals all over the Tri-State Area. NESAR is one of the leading search and rescue teams on the East Coast. Their K9 search units, water rescue/recovery units, and wilderness evacuation units regularly work emergency searches throughout Eastern and Central Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and beyond. Their human and K9 members have been integral to search and rescue/recovery operations in the aftermath of many events including the aftermath of 9/11, as well as Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy and Ida.These teams are on call 24/7/365, and in an average year, log approximately 50 searches and 10,000 search and training hours. Their handlers, K9s, and technical rescue specialists are trained in live find, human remains detection (HRD), trailing, water detection, swift water rescue, grid search, disaster response, search management, and more. They respond to calls for assistance day or night, on land or water, in all weather. The heroic work of these teams is entirely funded by the organization's volunteers and generous benefactors. This is where we, The Dogist community, came in. We raised $15,000 for the incredible teams at Northeast Search and Rescue. Your generous donations will go towards training future search and rescue teams, as well as providing pet insurance for their current working k9s.

  • Donations will go towards:
  • - The first two years of search and rescue training
  • - Gear (crates, GPS units, harnesses, etc)
  • - Pet insurance for all working K9s

Bella's Story

Bella was the first recipient of The Dogist Fund! This sweet girl is a pup with special needs, rescued in Harbin, China by Slaughterhouse Survivors and with our help, was transported to the U.S. by True North Rescue Mission. She was one of the last few pups to be imported before the CDC’s travel ban went into effect on 7/14, prohibiting dogs from traveling to and from 113 countries, including China. As you can imagine, this has been devastating for rescue organizations such as Slaughterhouse Survivors who dedicate their lives to rescuing dogs from dire situations. Our team flew out to LA in July to transport Bella to her foster home in NYC. Upon her arrival in New York, Bella was diagnosed with bilateral angular deformity of femurs with luxation of the stifle and tarsi. This means she has a malformation of her hips, therefore compromising mobility in her back legs. To prevent her from dragging her back legs, Bella will require the use of a wheelchair and ongoing physical therapy. We raised $10K to cover the cost of Bella's transport, rehabilitation & long-term care.

  • Donations went towards:
  • - Bella’s travel from China
  • - Bella’s basic veterinary care
  • - Bella’s physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • - Bella’s wheelchair and other accessories she needs to thrive