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The Dogist Diner Mug

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Would you go to a diner run by dogs? The line would be out the door! Your food may come half eaten, but it’s fine, they deserved it for being suchaa guuuu boyyyy! And yes, that is a hair in your omelette. Get this Dogist diner mug and you may start taking your coffee with drool!

Product Specs:

- 10oz Stoneware
- Gloss Coat Outside
- Gloss Coat Inside
- Height 4"

Design by: Frances Smith

Frances Smith is an afro-latinx illustrator based in New York City with a background in design and art direction. Her bold use of colors and design aim to tell stories, amplify social justice issues, and highlight under represented communities. Her artwork has been featured across the city through Art on Link and nationwide through editorial publications.