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Dog Toy | Squeaky Tennis Ball

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If you’ve ever met The Dogist (Elias Weiss Friedman), then you probably know he carries a squeaky tennis ball in his pocket 24/7. Some say he even sleeps with one under his pillow, just to be safe. This ball has been tested in the field over thousands of hours of dog photography, and we’re proud to say it has received the coveted Star of Squeaky Excellence from the Canine OMG It’s a Ball Committee and The Dogist himself.

With every order purchased from The Dogist Shop, we donate to The Dogist Fund, our philanthropic giving initiative devoted to nonprofit work that empowers rescue, rehabilitation and working dogs worldwide.


- 1 Set/ 2 Pieces With Web and Card Package
- Material Wool/ Nylon Shell 
- Rubber Core

- Dimensions 63mm