Holiday Gift Guide: The Homebody

  1. The Sill: PET FRIENDLY PLANTS. Need we say more? They have an entire section on their website dedicated to pet lovers, so you don’t have to worry whether a plant will be dangerous to your pup.

  2. Framebridge Framed Ornament: what better way to decorate your home than with framed photos of your dog? Or, better question, what better way to decorate your christmas tree?

  3. Scripted Fragrance: this small business has created scented candles inspired by almost all dog breeds (and yes, there is a rescue scent). The glassware also makes for adorable cups once the candle is burned through!

  4. Sweaterhound Custom Pillows: yes, you heard us correctly: you can get a custom portrait of your dog embroidered on a pillow. Go tell your boyfriend that one more throw pillow won’t hurt...

  5. Orvis Dog Bed: Orvis makes the biggest and comfiest dog beds EVER – we’ve tested them out ourselves.