Holiday Gift Guide: The Dog Mom



  1. BFFs and Babes: every dog mom needs a dog mom sweatshirt, right? This oversized tie-dye crewneck says “crazy dog mom” while still being cute.

  2. Lazy One: Lazy One makes matching pajamas for every member of the family, including your dog. Cute holiday photos just got a whole lot cuter.

  3. Lo & Sons Weekender Tote: for the dog mom on the run, this tote is perfect for carrying around toys, leashes, water bowls, and any other miscellaneous items you can think of.

  4. Sweaterhound Custom Dog Sweater: it would be impossible to participate in an ugly sweater party with a face this cute! Rock your dog on a holiday sweatshirt. We know you want to.

  5. Foggy Dog: since face masks are the new handbag, you might as well accessorize to your pup. Foggy Dog sells matching masks & bandanas to help you get through this pandemic in style.