The Dogist is looking to expand its team by hiring an Assistant Photographer. While our founder, Elias, is able to photograph a mere 361 dogs a day, we think that’s just not enough. This role will entail shadowing Elias and learning The Dogist Process. You will be trained in the art of Squeaky Ball, Cookie Toss, as well as learn how to utter a repertoire of very strange noises. This is a job for the seriously silly and only the most elite dog lovers.

The requirements:

  • Must be a very talented photographer with the work to prove it. Expertise in Adobe Suite organization and post processing.
  • Must have experience working with video. 
  • Must be a trooper, ready to walk many miles and travel globally.
  • Must love people and have great confidence and communication skills around them.
  • Must *really* love dogs.
  • Must be an excellent writer.
  • Must have a “startup mindset” – dedicated to building upon the vision of the company and have an ambitious presence on a small team. Detail oriented, timely, professional, and organized.
  • Must be based in NYC.


To apply for this position, please email your portfolio and resume to Please also include your best dog photo, caption and #cookiecam, as if it were a Dogist post! Happy shooting!